Modern Baby Boy Names Starting with Bhe

Searching the Baby Boy Names starting with Bhe is the way of choosing just the right name for your new son. Babies are wonders on earth to show to mankind how lovely life can be! It is a dream come true. A lot of people think that the currently popular baby names are the best ones to choose from for their little ones.

Choosing a good baby name is a difficult task Because the name always stays forever, it also easy to recall and pronunciations. It also feels sweet to speak. We will help you here to find a lovely name for your newborn baby boy.

Baby Boy Names Starting With Bhe with Meaning

This is list of Baby Boy Names which is starting with alphabet letter Bhe.

S.NoHindu Boy NamesMeaning
4BhenThe Lord of Stars, Another name for Sun
5BheemaHuge and gigantic,` The mighty one
6BhenaAnother name for Moon
7BheemabalaOne of the Kauravas
8BheemavegaOne of the Kauravas
9BheruMaster, Friend
10BheemavikraOne of the Kauravas
11BhedurA Thunderbolt
12BheemeshVariant name of Bheema
14BheemuPower, Large and One of Pandavas
16BhesajOne who Cures the Disease of Birth and Death Cycles
17BhettrBreaking, Splitting
18BheemakAn Attendant of Lord Shiva
19BheemdevPerson Favoured by God; Name of a King
20BhedanshKnown Every Secret
21BheemrajSon of Kunti, One of Padvas
22BheeshmakA King of Vidarbh, Another name of Bheeshma
23BheemanathName of Lord Shiva, Lord of Strength
24BheemeswarAnother Name of Lord Shiva
25BheeshmakaKing of Vidarbha, Rukmini's Father
26BheemShankar Lord Shiva in his Intense, Fearful and Destructive Form
27BheemaChandraMoon of Strength, Powerful

One important thing I would like to share here, If you have a name which is starting with ‘B’ and you want to know their meaning then simple one thing to do here type name in the search box just above the table and click’ enter then you got the result name with their meaning.

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