Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With Bhu

The naming of any baby boy is most exciting and difficult because many people are confused about how to choose modern Baby Boy Names Starting with Bhu. But you do not need to feel worried we are here to provide the latest and unique baby boy name with its meaning.

Baby Boy Names Starting With Bhu with Meaning

This is fresh list of 50+ Boy Names that starting with Bhu.

S.NoBoy NamesMeaning
1BhudhavLord Vishnu
2Bhujaviryastrong armed
3Bhujyuwith a desire to enjoy, rich, edible
4Bhumanconsisting of existence, the earth
5BhumanyuUniversally accepted; devotee of the earth.
6Bhupadfixed on earth, stable
7BhupatiLord of the earth.
8Bhupenlord of the world
9Bhupendraking of kings
10BhupeshKing, King of the Earth
11Bhuriimportant, infinite, great
12Bhurivasuone who has a lot of wealth
13Bhusanaornament, embellishment
16Bhutesalord of living beings, another name of brahma, visnu and siva
17Bhutivardhanaincreases welfare, a king, a saint
18BhuvaneshLord Of The Worlds
19BhuvanyuPossessing the earth, Another name for the sun,
21BhuvneshwarBhuvneshwar is Indian word which means "GOD OF EARTH"
22BhuwanWorld or Universe
23BhumitFriend of land
25BhumikLand Lord; Earth
26BhumatPossessing the Earth; Ruler
27BhudevaLord of the earth
28BhutapalaProtector of the ghosts
29BhuwnendraBhuwnendra means king of the Earth,
30BhujaketuHolding a Banner; With a Victorious Arm
31BhujangSerpent; Shiva; King of the Earth
33BhugarbhaWomb of the Earth; Who Keeps Secrets
34BhudharaSupporter of the Earth; Lord Krishna; Shiva
35BhudharOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu
36Bhujaviryastrong armed
37BhulpreetUnforgettable Love
38BhumidharLord of the Earth
39BhumijaProduced from the Earth
40BhuminjayaAnother name of prince Uttara's
41BhumisayaSleeping on the Earth
42BhumitraFriend of the Earth, A Ruler
43BhumyaBelonging to the Earth
44BhutikrtCausing Welfare
45BhuteshOne of the many names of Lord Shiva
46BhutapalaProtector of Living Beings; Spirits
47BhutansaPart of Existence
48BhutirajaLord of Existence
49BhuumkaOne who is well maintained and optimistic human
50Bhutivardhanaincreases welfare, a king, a saint
51BhuttabA pleasant, happy natured and gorgeous human
52BhuvanyuPossessing the Earth, Another Name for Sun
53BhutesaLord of All Living-beings; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva; Lord Brahma
54BhutalingamOne of the many names of Lord Shiva

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