Modern Hindu Boy Names Starting with An

Are you looking for a Hindu name for your baby? Choosing a baby name these days is a big deal for most parents. Parents usually take a lot of characteristics into considerations before picking an original name for their lovely children. Here, we will help you to choose the best Hindu boy for your kid. We have a collection of 95+ modern and latest Hindu Boy Names starting with An.

We know it is difficult to choose baby names because every parent wants to name their boy the best possible names. Because the name always stays forever, it also easy to recall and pronunciations. It also feels sweet to speak. We have the latest and fresh list of Hindu names with an.

Hindu Boy Names Starting with An with Meaning

This list of 95+ Indian Hindu Boy Names Starting with Combination of Alphabet letter An.

S.NoHindu Boy NamesMeaning
1Anabhisastablameless, one who is faultless
2Anadiimmortal, divine
3Anakrantastrong, victorious
5Anamol1. Priceless. 2. Precious; rare.
6AnandaHappiness joy, enjoyment, pleasure
7AnandhuTamil Male Singer Anandhu
8AnanditaDelighted; happy; blissful.
9AnandvardhanOne who Increases Happiness; Lord Ram
10AnantaEndless, One who is beyond death
11Anantanagainfinite mountain, a very tall mountain
12AnanthAlways Merry And Full Of Smiles
13AnasayaSelfless, without any self interest
14Anasya Husband of Amrta
15AnavaHumane, Kind to men
16Anavataptawithout heat, without jealousy
17AnbarasanThe King Of Love
18AnbazhaganBeautiful lover
19Anbumathianbu-love, mathi-moon
20Anbushelvanloveable person
21AnenasyaFreedom from sin, pure
22AngadaBestower of limbs with beautiful limbs
24Angati Another name for Brahma and Visnu
25Anilanot blue, fair
26AnirbanaImmortal, A God.
27AniruddhaUnobstructed, Son of Pradyumna and grandson of Krsna
28AnirudhTamil Music Director Anirudh
30AnjaniSon of Anjana, Another name for hanuman
31AnjasaStraightforward, honest
34AnnaGrain which in a mystical sense is considered the coarsesr envelope of Visnu
35AnparasanKing of Love
38AnsuA ray, filament of the Soma plant
39AnsumanBearer of rays, The sun
40AntaraSoul, heart, surety and guarantee
41Antariksaspace and sky
42AnuLiving; Human.
43Anudesyaobedient, one who proceeds towards the goal
44AnukulaAgreeable; favourably disposed.
45AnupaAbounding in water, Unique or, A pond bank of river
46AnuragAttachment, affection love and passion
47Anabhisastablameless, one who is faultless
48Anadiimmortal, divine
49Anakrantastrong, victorious
51Anamol1. Priceless. 2. Precious
52AnandaBliss; happiness joy or another name for Siva
53AnandhuTamil Male Singer Anandhu
54AnanditaDelighted; happy; blissful.
55AnandvardhanOne who Increases Happiness; Lord Ram
56AnantaOne who is beyond death; immortal, divine
57Anantanagainfinite mountain, a very tall mountain
58AnanthAlways Merry And Full Of Smiles
59AnasayaSelfless, without any self interest
60Anasya1. Indestructible. 2. Husband of Amrta
61AnavaHumane, Kind to men
62Anavataptawithout heat, without jealousy
63AnbarasanThe King Of Love
64AnbazhaganBeautiful lover
65Anbumathianbu-love, mathi-moon
66Anbushelvanloveable person
67AnenasyaFreedom from sin, pure
68Angada1. Bestower of beautiful limbs, 2. son of Laksmana and Urmila
70Angati1. One who maintains the sacred fire. 2. Another name for Brahma and Visnu.
71Anilanot blue, fair
72AnirbanaNever dies, immortal, a god
73Aniruddha Son of Pradyumna and grandson of Krsna
74AnirudhTamil Music Director Anirudh
76Anjani1. Son of Anjana. 2. Another name for hanuman
77AnjasaStraightforward, honest
80AnnaThe Supreme Spirit, Earth and Water.
81AnparasanKing of Love
84AnsuA sunbeam, beam of light; lustre; splendour
85Ansuman1. Bearer of rays 2. The sun; the moon
86AntaraSoul, heart; surety,
87Antariksaspace, sky
88AnuLiving; Human.
89Anudesyaobedient, one who proceeds towards the goal
90AnukulaAgreeable; favourably disposed.
91Anupa1. Abounding in water, 2. Unique
92AnuragAttachment; affection, and red colour.
93AnurajBeloved, attracted
94AnurupaAgreeable, compatible, suitable
95AnuttamaHighest, best
96AnyangaSpotless, Pure

We work hard to collect these Hindu Boy Names and it’s meaning you will get here all A to Z baby boy names which are starting with the alphabet letter ‘An’. Hope you will get the best baby Hindu boy names starting with An alphabet letter.

Note: If you have chosen any names for your baby boy then, please comment it we love to see it.

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