Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘L’

hindu boy names starting with l
Hindu Boy Names Starting With L

Choosing unique baby boy names is one of the important decisions you can do for your newborn baby. The name of a baby boy can be unique and meaningful that makes your son special. Here, we are sharing the baby name directory for Hindu Boy Names Starting with L. Lots of parents are facing the same problem when choosing a good name for their first baby. Don’t worry we are helping you to find your best Hindu boy names for kids.

We are providing a complete list of A to Z Hindu boy names which are starting with the alphabet letter ‘L’ with its unique meaning. All names are modern and fresh you can choose according to your interest.

For Example:

  • Laksaka
  • Lakshman
  • Lakhan
  • Lalu
  • Lajpat
  • Lakshya

Hindu Boy Names Starting with L with Meaning

This table contains 134 unique Hindu Boy Names with it’s meaning.

S.NoHindu Boy NamesMeaning
2Labdhaacquired, obtained
4LaghuLight, small, the naksatras
6Lajpatof keeping shame
7Lakhanone who accomplishes the target, one with auspicious marks
8Lakhithlord visnu
10Laksamark, aim, target
11Laksakaray of beauty
12Laksanawith an auspicious mark
13Lakshaim, target
14Lakshamikantvishnu, husband of goddess lakshmi
16LakshinWith Auspicious Marks
17Lakshmanbrother of lord rama
18LakshmeeshLord Vishnu and Lordess of Lakshmi
20LakshmidharLord Vishnu
21LakshmigopalLord Vishnu
22LakshyaTarget, Aim, Destination
23Laksmanalucky, with auspicious marks, the sarasa crane
24Laksmikantabeloved of laksmi, another name for visnu
25Laksmivinayagood fortune, modest conduct
27LalatenduThe Third Eye of Lord Shiva
29Lalitlovely, fine
30Lalitakabeautiful, favourite
31LalithadityaBeautiful Sun
35Lamakalover, a gallant
37Lambodarlord ganesh
38Lanibanlord shiva
40Larraja sage
41Lasadansuwith flashing rays, the sun
42Lastakina bow
43Latakaraa collection of pearls
44Lauhityared, a sacred place constructed by rama
45Lavson of lord rama, fragment
46Lavanisalord of the sea, another name for varuna
48LaveshGod of love
49LavinLord Ganesha
50Lavithlord shiva
51Lavitrathe subtle one, plucking, wool
52LehanOne Who Refuses
54Lekharajalord of the gods, another name for the supreme being
55LemarTalented One
56Liladharaplayful, the consort of lilavati
57Lilambujalovely lotus
58LingadevaruLord Shiva
59Lingamgod sivan
60Lingamoorthigod sivan
61LinganGod Sivan
62Lingappangod sivan
63Lingesangod sivan
64LinuA Cry of Grief
67Lochanawoman with beautiful eyes
68LogeshName of a God
69LogithanLeek Garden
70Lohajitthat which conquers iron, a diamond
71LohendraLord of Three Worlds
72LohitRed, Made of Copper, Mars
73LohitakshLord Vishnu
74Lohithbeautiful, lord shiva
75Lokabandhufriend of the world, another name for siva and the sun
76Lavitrathe subtle one, plucking, wool
77LehanOne Who Refuses
79Lekharajalord of the gods, another name for the supreme being
80LemarTalented One
81Liladharaplayful, the consort of lilavati
82Lilambujalovely lotus
83LingadevaruLord Shiva
84Lingamgod sivan
85Lingamoorthigod sivan
86LinganGod Sivan
87Lingappangod sivan
88Lingesangod sivan
89LinuA Cry of Grief
92Lochanawoman with beautiful eyes
93LogeshName of a God
94LogithanLeek Garden
95Lohajitthat which conquers iron, a diamond
96LohendraLord of Three Worlds
97LohitRed, Made of Copper, Mars
98LohitakshLord Vishnu
99Lohithbeautiful, lord shiva
100Lokabandhufriend of the world, another name for siva and the sun
101LokajitConqueror of World
102Lokajitaone who conquers the world, winning heaven, another name for buddha
103LokanetraEye of the World
104Lokapalaguardian of the world, title of indra, agni
105Lokasadhakaone who creates worlds
106Lokatmanthe soul of the universe
107Lokendralord of the 3 worlds
108Lokeshlord of the world
109LoknathLord Vishnu
110LokranjanLord Vishnu
111LomashA Sage
112Lord ShivaSun,Source of energy
115LuayProper Name
116LuhitName of a River
117LukeshKing of the Empire
118LokajitConqueror of World
119Lokajitaone who conquers the world, winning heaven, another name for buddha
120LokanetraEye of the World
121Lokapalaguardian of the world, title of indra, agni
122Lokasadhakaone who creates worlds
123Lokatmanthe soul of the universe
124Lokendralord of the 3 worlds
125Lokeshlord of the world
126LoknathLord Vishnu
127LokranjanLord Vishnu
128LomashA Sage
129Lord ShivaSun,Source of energy
132LuayProper Name
133LuhitName of a River
134LukeshKing of the Empire

In the above Hindu boy names lists, you can find any L letter names for boy Hindu names with it’s spiritual and religious meaning. Hope you are not more worry after seeing this list. We are here trying to put fresh and unique Indian Hindu Boy Names which is starting with ‘L’.

If you like any Hindu Baby Boy Name then comment below, we love to see it.

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