Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘O’

hindu boy names starting with o
Hindu Boy Names Starting with ‘O’

If you are looking to choose a Hindu Baby Name for your newborn baby boy then, understand the meanings of those names deeply first it is important to point when you finding the best Hindu names for your baby boy. One important decision makes your baby’s name attractive because that name is with your child forever. So, make a decision perfectly when you are choosing Hindu Boy Names Starting with O.

Each Hindu Names having it’s unique meanings and most parents are looking for boy names meaning before select any names. If you are searching ‘O’ letter names for boy then here, you will get a complete list of fresh and latest Hindu boy names starting with ‘O’. For Example, Omprakash, Om, Ojas, Orman, Oujasya etc.

Hindu Boy Names Starting with O with Meaning

This is list of stylish Hindu Boy Names starting with Alphabet letter ‘O’.

S.NoHindu Boy NamesMeaning
1Obaleshlord shiva
2ObuliHindu God
3OhaMeditation, True Knowledge
5OjasBrilliance, shine, glow
7OkendraSaffron, Bhagwa
9OmCreation, essence of life
10OmanandJoy of om
11OmarjeetLord of OM
12OmavAvatar Of Om
13OmduttGiven By God
14Omeshlord of om
15OmeshwarLord of the Om
16OmjaBorn of Cosmic Unity
17OmkaarMystic Name for Hindu Gods, And sikh sacred symbol
18OmkarThe sound of the sacred syllable
19OmkaraThe syllable om, And a linga
20OmpatiMaster of OM
21OmprakasaThe sacred light, light spread by the sacred syllable om
22Omransolid structure
24OmswaroopManifestation of Divinity
26Onkarthe primal being
27Onkarnathone of the 12 shivlingams
29OorjitPowerful, and Strong
31OppilaManiPeerless gem
32OppilanPeerless Gem
33OriName of a charitable king
34OrionSon of Fire
35OrmanSea Man
36OrvinSpear friend
38OttaKoothanName of a poet
39OuchityaPosition with rightness
40OujasyaFull with power
41OushigBorn of evening
42OutathyaPhilosopher, intelligent
43OviyaLike a Beautiful Art

In Indian there is a tradition called baby shower and it is also known as “Godh Bharai” meaning the lap is being filled. So, we have a wide collection of Baby boy names starting with letter ‘O’. You can also find any names in this list and know their beautiful meaning.

Note: If you are choose any names then please comment it below, we love to see it.

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