Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘Q’

hindu boy names starting with q
Hindu Boy Names Starting with Q

Are you looking for a Hindu name for your baby? Choosing a baby name these days is a big deal for most parents. Parents usually take a lot of characteristics into considerations before picking an original name for their lovely children. Here, we will help you to choose the best Hindu boy for your kid. We have a collection of 25+ modern and latest Hindu Boy Names starting with Q.

We know it is difficult to choose baby names because every parent wants to name their boy the best possible names. Because the name always stays forever, it also easy to recall and pronunciations. It also feels sweet to speak. We have mentioned some samples of the modern Boy Names starting with Q.

Hindu Boy Names Starting with Q with Meaning

This is list of Q letter Hindu Boy Names with its unique meaning.

S. NoHindu Boy NamesMeaning
1QuantranSon of Lord Sun; Name of Lord Sun’s Child
3QishenOne who follows Krishna
4QuarrtulainGod’s mercy
5QumudiniThe one who is tolerant like the river
6QarajaA King
8QamrunThe Moon
9QayyumSelf subsistent
10QaboolOne who is full of acceptance and approval
11QabsatA desirable and understanding person, ‘Helpful’
13QaddamLeader, A Prince, And King or Ruler
14QaddoorA powerful person who is able to do anything
15QaddurA capable and powerful man
16QadeemAn ancient, time-honored or long-possessed
17QadhiOne who is the judge of justice
18QadimSomething ancient and very very old
19QaidA commander of men
20QaisOne who is known as a lover
21QaisarOne who is an emperor
22QaiserA ruler and an emperor of men and lands
23QalandarA man who is free
24QanayaA Blacksmith
25QaneeOne who is satisfied with his life
26QaniA Satisfied person

We work hard to collect these Hindu Boy Names and it’s meaning you will get here all A to Z baby boy names which are starting with the alphabet letter ‘Q’. Hope you will get the best baby boy names starting with Q alphabet letter.

Note: If you have chosen any names for your baby boy then, please comment it we love to see it.

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