Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘X’

hindu boy names starting with x
Hindu Boy Names Starting with X

Are you choosing a unique boy name for your baby boy? We will provide a name dictionary of Hindu Boy Names starting with X. And have the unique possibility to help you to choose the latest and perfect names for your newborn baby boy. Lots of parents are thinking to choose their baby boy names according to their name, which means the combination of mother name and father name this is the new trend to naming baby boy.

Guys we know there is few numbers of Baby Names which is starting with letter ‘X’, but we are providing a 11 unique collections of Hindu boy names in below list.

Hindu Boy Names Starting with X with Meaning

This is list of X letter Hindu Boy Names with its unique meaning.

S.NoHindu Boy NamesMeaning
1XhivaAssamese version of Lord Shiva
2XalakA magnificent sight
3XalluOne who is a mighty warrior
4XamakOne who shines brightly
5Xankar Another variant of the name Shankar
6XeaviA new beginning
7XetrapatiOne who governs, Leader of the people
8XhimHe who is kind and soft-hearted
9XhivaOne who is compassionate and full of life
10XilmalTo radiate and glow like a diamond
11XitiOne who is graceful and divine
12XundariOne who is good looking and pleasing

In India, parents are so excited and concern about naming their newborn baby. They name his kid according to culture and religion, they are concern about grah and nakshatra. In this post, we are trying to create a collection of A to Z Hindu unique baby boy names starting with ‘X’.

Note: If you have chosen any names for your baby boy then, please comment it we love to see it.

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